Welcome to Fiddle Cakes

CakeFiddle Cakes is a joint venture with www.cakeinabox.co.uk, which strives to produce beautiful, whimsical cakes for the people. We are a home bakery with a separate certified kitchen and cake showroom. We welcome you to contact us for more information about our cakes, and we welcome you to join us for a personal consultation to make your dream cake come true!

Lucy Blair has had a life-long interest in the culinary arts. Raised in ethnic Campbell, UK, she learned to bake in her mother’s Russian kitchen as a young girl. As an adult, she lived in the south of France, working as an au pair and studying at the University of Grenoble. While an au pair, she was obligated to cook and bake for a French family, where she learned to value fresh whole ingredients, such as butter, eggs, real cream, and fine chocolate. In addition, she had taken leisure cooking classes while in France that has instilled in her to this day a love for French pastry and food. She has been teaching French for several years in addition to culminating her interest in the culinary arts.

Lucy is a natural artist, and has attended courses at the Western Reserve School of Cooking for cake design. Specializing in fondant and buttercream cakes, she is continually developing new and innovative ideas in cake decorating. Her philosophy is that a cake should taste delicious, look beautiful, and still be affordable to the average person. She only uses whole ingredients in her cakes, and does not believe in artificial flavors, therefore bringing the highest quality products to her customers.

Claire Fullarton has been a professional artist for over 15 years. He brings to theCake (2) table an extraordinary mix of imagination and creativity. Claires numerous talents include painting, sculpting, drawing, caricatures, computer art, web design and Flash animation. He also pursues other creative interests such as writing and music. Claire earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Studio Art in 1993 from Denison University and has been working in web design, graphic arts, and illustration for the last several years. She became interested in cake design after realizing they were just as much fun to create as they were to eat. Discovering that designing cakes is a new creative medium to explore, Claire delved into this art form with a gusto. She has a keen eye for detail, and an unbridled imagination to match. Her particular interest is in cake sculpture, sugar sculpture, personalized cake toppers, custom themed backdrops, and fondant painting.

Please visit there personal website and gallery at www.toptiercakes.co.uk to see some of his other artwork, or email them directly with your questions or comments.